Revitalizing Nature’s Balance


Human species survive in the kingdom of nature; mankind is perpetually connected to it and totally benefited by the natural ecosystems of the earth and the ecosystem services they contribute.Humans have always been an immense dependent on forests to a lesser or greater degree.

Trees have had a great leverage in the Conservation of our planet and in determining the existing formation of life on earth, and the most noticeable living object which can be found everywhere except in dry and cold places and is attached to each and every type of organism available in some or the other way.

Sadly we find considerable amount of people engaged in the permanent destruction of indigenous forests and woodlands that maintains the atmosphere alongside the burning of fossil fuels, our destruction of the forests is a major contributory factor to the rising levels of carbon dioxide and global warming.

The scale of human pressures on ecosystems everywhere has increased enormously in the last few decades mainly the depletion of forests is happening at a very fast rate. And whenever humanity is affected by some sort of natural disaster, they look to the sky and curse mother nature without any concern how much of damage we have done to her.

Most of us rarely lend much thought to the importance of trees in our lives, may be because of their constant presence I believe. The safe keeping of our precious planet lies with each and every individual of the human population. So if the solutions aren’t taken quickly to restore the damages we have done; it is really going to be tough to save our mother earth.

By Zeyan Hashim

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