Battle for Hope

canstockphoto16639212 (1).jpg

Defeating the prolong hesitation, I took the final breath and plunge into the ocean

The salty breeze stabbed me causing my body shrivel while my mind and conscious took command defying the body.

I open my eyes to catch my breath and perceive my current state once in the water.

Alone and terrorized I lay there frozen in the centre of the deep ocean.

My body contracts when the unknown fear electrified my frail skeleton.

The eerie sound of silence and the feeling of being empty have now taken authority of me.

The unknown fear and uncertainty has increased my heart rate refusing to be calm

The surreal thoughts frightened me when tried to admired the beauty and peace defying fear,

…….just to stabilize my frightened mind.

There is still hope, cried someone within me demanding not to give up

Suddenly, the feeling of fear and the darkness of the depth opened the windows of realization.

I attempt to re-surface and return to a dependable state.

But the vision blurred prompting me scream, potentially making things worse by in-taking salty water through mouth

I struggled to breathe, but my chest tightens and brain shuts off negating the ability of assessing the situation.

I fight for my last breath but the ocean swallows me whole and everything goes blank.

By Zeyan Hashim

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