The Moaning Ocean

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Precious Gems of Sri Lanka Treasured Around the World

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Chronicles of Sri Lankan Moors

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Humanity’s Footprint

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Revitalizing Nature’s Balance

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Rare Gems Exhibited

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Desert to Serendib

desert to serendib scheherazade, the mesmerising Arabian Nights thousandth and one story
Zahran tribe Saudi Arabia Al Bahah province pearl ruby chanks serendib now known as Sri Lanka
Kandiyan Kingdom gemmology muhandiram zeyan Lindekotuwa walauwa Nayakkars
Dynasty Sri Lankan gem trade Eventually Zeyan Mohamed Hashim is been entrusted the baton of legacy passed through a multitude of flamboyant characters studded a saga unfolded from desert to serendib. Inspired by the Islamic motto of “wealth shouldn’t be acquired; but shared