Honestly I resent hollow epitaphs. Why hasn’t major proportion of the departed ones failed laying a single brick to strengthen the human reconciliation?

Despite all our efforts we may never effulge unless faceted by charity.

Criticism with encased contempt is vengeful.

Odour of magnanimity surpasses man made perfumes.

Best victory is winning hearts, which is harder than waging wars.

Past is a blown wind. Who would have remorse on a blown wind?

Wars never produced victors, but losers in the long run.

There is no substitute to the truth.

Know your in-depth before scrutinize the world.

If education is the door self- teaching would certainly be the window, both ways lead to enlightenment.

Being old is a blessing, but only if enriched with magnanimity.

Don’t start anything you can’t finish. So be definite.

In life, there are no mistakes, but lessons.

People immersed in lifelong education are rivers. Further they go, deeper they be.

Deforestation is sacrilege.

Humans without lifelong visions are zombies.

All the borders are man made.

Nothing else, but only investing in education will efface human differences.

Hunger in knowing the meaning of life will make us super humans.

Knowledge without self-discipline is an un-rectifiable indiscretion.

Coexisting with variety of beliefs, dogmas and expectations is the sublime milestone mankind could reach, if they strive selflessly.

Endless afflictions the mankind suffered in face of antipathy towards being“others’’ shouldn’t go beyond the 21st century.

It is a hollow argument if said the museums are mere galleries exhibiting dusty artefacts and antiquities.Behold; those owe-inspiring  artefacts and antiquities are the venerable masterpieces left for us by our forefathers.

Respect the past, or else the future, which is a product of the past  won’t respect you when you be there.

Consequence of defying the truth shouldn’t be overlooked.

 If weeded off the opportunist adulterations, truth is simple and effortlessly comprehensible.

Preachers with ulterior motives are the devils clad godly. 

Visions harnessed with universal-acceptance is what the world is craving for.

We will be accursed with fallowness if fail to plant the seeds of understanding
among our fellow-humans irrespective to whatever diversities they represent.

One cannot be an intellectual unless primed with stamina to draw a clear line
in-between right and wrong.

Denial of truth is denial of intelligence.


Zeyan Hashim

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